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It is easy to approximate how destructive a data loss instance can be to an organization. Though there are no guaranteed ways against data loss, however, the impacts and frequency of data loss can be alleviated by planning a good data backup strategy. Below are some of the most common reasons of data loss:

  • Accidental or intentional file deletion
  • Emptying Recycle Bin/Trash
  • Partition damage/reformatting/deletion
  • File system corruption
  • Operating system crash
  • Hard disk repartitioning
  • MBR Corruption

Despite of data backup awareness, data loss is not an exception among organizations and individuals. Undoubtedly, such events are attributed to poor or absence of backup strategy. These are the instances when data recovery comes into play. There are various data recovery tools available that are competent to recoup lost data from almost all types of storage media (including hard disks, CDs, DVDs, USBs, RAID, etc.), irrespective of the reason of data loss (except data overwriting). Until the damage has physically affected the storage media, logical tools called data recovery software can competently recover lost data from these storage media.

Data Storage (Logical view):

Each time when you save a file, the system marks a reference of file location in the directory structure of storage media, while writing the original data separately. So, when you delete a file (for say, by removing from Recycle Bin in Windows), the file data is not deleted immediately. It is actually the file reference, which is removed from the directory structure; however, the original space is made available to be reoccupied or overwritten by some other data.

About Data Recovery Software:

Data recovery software are the tools designed to perform an in-depth scan of storage media in order to retrieve the lost data back. At present, there are various data recovery companies that are engaged in making high-end data recovery solutions for various operating systems such as, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Novell, UNIX, etc.

Empowered with a slew of features, these data recovery software provide safe data restoration to your convenient location. Since most of these utilities are read-only, they do not make any changes to the original contents.

Many of data recovery companies provide free trial versions of their products online. Thus it makes easy for an end-user to test the functioning and user-friendliness of the software.


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